Fundraising down for both Davis and Harold

Fundraising down for both Davis and Harold

WASHINGTON — Freshman Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, had $882,145 in his campaign fund on Sept. 30, a net gain of about $170,000 from the $702,855 he had on June 30.

He now has almost nine times as much money as his Republican Party challenger, Urbana attorney Erika Harold.

But both Davis and Harold reported Tuesday that they had taken in less money in the thrd quarter than in the previous quarter.

The $302,069 Davis collected during the quarter was down significantly from the $454,814 he reported during the April through June period, and the $403,555 yield in the first quarter of the year.

Davis' campaign spending also increased during the third quarter, to $122,790, up from $86,162 in the previous quarter.

Meanwhile, Harold also reported taking in less money.

She reported $72,619 in receipts in July, August and September. She had reported $78,285 in contributions between May 31 and June 30.

Disbursements by the Harold campaign were up in the third quarter, amounting to $35,672.

Harold reported $99,208 on hand on Sept. 30, up from $62,261 on June 30.

Davis has raised $1.16 million in this election cycle. He has spent $295,730.

Davis reported receiving $134,872 from individuals and $167,196 from political action committees in the quarter.

Among the 175 individual contributions Davis received in the quarter were a number from Champaign, Piatt and Vermilion counties. Davis received $1,000 from James Ayers of Monticello, $500 from James Reed of Monticello; $1,000 from George Shapland, $250 from Marjorie Sodemann, $500 from Mark Ballard, $250 from David Parkhill, $250 from John Reifsteck and $1,000 from Peter Fox, all of Champaign, $300 from John Foley of Savoy, $250 from Steven Hillard of Mahomet, and $1,000 from Lou Mervis of Danville.

Among the 119 PAC contributions to Davis' campaign were: $5,000 each from Exelon Corp., the House Conservatives Fund (an affiliate of Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-N.C.), the Machinists NonPartisan Political League, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, the New York Life Insurance Co., the RGA Reinsurance Co., and the Committee for the Preservation of Capitalism, an affiliate of Rep. Charles Boustany, R-La.

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chambana visionary wrote on October 15, 2013 at 10:10 pm

Every day, Erika is showing herself the better candidate and that she is keeping pace on her fundraising shows she has real appeal. As Doug Ibendahl points out, racists party bosses like Jim Allen and Habeeb Habeeb may talk a game about diversity but they aren't practicing it. Sure, the old white man crowd has their money, but Champaign needs real representation like we had with Tim Johnson and now we are going to take the seat back for Champaign. 

Erika is on the rise and on the move. There is still time for Rodney to step aside. In fact, we could use a good candidate for Secretary of State, he should consider that so the GOP will hold this seat. Make no mistake, Ann Callis will trounce poor Rodney. We need a Champaign superstar, not someone from hicksville. 

johnny wrote on October 18, 2013 at 3:10 am

Thanks, Joan.  Trashing the rest of the district is definitely the best way to help Erika.