Villa Grove to look into building dog park

Villa Grove to look into building dog park



VILLA GROVE — The city council has agreed to research the feasibility of installing a dog park in Richman Sports Complex, in response to residents' requests.

Alderman Tony Hooker said he had been approached by residents about the possibility of providing a dog park at the southern edge of Richman Sports Complex. The area is currently unused.

Council members agreed to have Hooker research the rules and procedures other communities have used for dog parks. He is expected to bring more information back to the next meeting.

"I say we look into it," said Alderman Bob Stipp. "It will keep people from using the ball diamonds as dog runs."

Mayor Terry Harbin said he wanted to make sure the proposed use of the dog park facilities would be worth the expense of creating the park. Dog owners who are interested in the use of a dog park are being asked to stop by City Hall and sign a petition in support of the proposal.