Rietz pleads in traffic case

Rietz pleads in traffic case

URBANA — Champaign County State's Attorney Julia Rietz was ordered to pay a fine and court costs Wednesday after pleading guilty to a traffic offense in Champaign County Circuit Court.

Through her attorney, Tom Koester of Urbana, Rietz entered a written plea of guilty to failure to yield right-of-way in connection with an accident she was involved in on Sept. 29 at an unmarked intersection with high corn about a mile northwest of Sidney.

Special prosecutor Bruce Ratcliffe said Rietz was ordered to pay a $75 fine and "substantial court costs" of $175, which is considered a more harsh resolution than many get for that traffic ticket.

Often, such charges are plea negotiated downward to a non-moving violation for a lesser fine, Ratcliffe noted.

"She's getting no special deal because she's state's attorney," said Ratcliffe. "She wanted no special deals and she got no special deals."

Rietz and her daughter were slightly injured in the accident that involved the collision of her pickup truck and horse trailer with a southbound Jeep driven by a Villa Grove woman.

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wayward wrote on October 31, 2013 at 10:10 am

Really hate unmarked intersections at any time of year, and they're the worst when corn is high.