Tom Kacich: Harold has narrow money lead in Champaign County

Tom Kacich: Harold has narrow money lead in Champaign County

Erika Harold may have the home-field advantage, but she has only a narrow lead over incumbent Rep. Rodney Davis in campaign contributions from the Champaign-Urbana area.

Harold, the Urbana attorney challenging the 13th District congressman from Taylorville, has raised $45,702 in itemized contributions this year from individuals in the Champaign-Urbana metropolitan area, which also includes Piatt County.

Davis has raised $44,099 from the same area.

It's possible that Davis leads in total individual contributions made locally, including those that are unitemized — or less than $200. In the last reporting period Davis reported $30,032 in unitemized contributions while Harold had $13,040.

Harold's local fundraising has been strongest in her hometown, where she has collected $10,650 to $4,000 for Davis. But many of her donors are family members or people affiliated with her campaign. Her campaign treasurer, D. Scott Reichard, has given $2,600, as has his wife, Judy. Harold's mother, Donna, and her father, Bob, also have given $2,600 individually.

Davis, meanwhile, leads in fundraising among Champaign residents, $29,149 to Harold's $27,412.

In Monticello Davis has outraised Harold, $9,650 to zero.

Harold's major Champaign-Urbana area contributors include Van Dukeman, Mahomet, $2,600; Michael Henneman, Chris Meyer, David Sholem, Jeffrey Wampler, all of Champaign, $2,600; Joseph Lamb, Champaign, $2,000; A. Mark Neuman, Champaign, $2,000; Roopali Malhotra, Karen Meyer, Virginia Holder and Dave Kuhl, all of Champaign, $1,000; Sherryl March and Debra Eisenmann, Champaign, $750 each; Jeffrey Hartman, Donna Wampler, William Peifer, Jill Arends, all of Champaign, $500 each; and Dan Proctor of Mahomet, Catherine Capel of Sidney, James Capel of White Heath, and Phil Bloomer of St. Joseph, $500 each.

Davis' major local donors include: Champaign County Republican Party Chair Habeeb Habeeb, $5,200; John Reed, Champaign, $4,749; Stuart King, Champaign, $2,750; Jeffrey Hartman, Champaign, $3,100; Maureen Tracy, Monticello, $3,050; James Ayers, Monticello, $3,000; Roderick Beyers, Urbana, $2,000; Laura Hartman, Michael Hartman, Peter Fox, George Shapland, Mark Rogers, Mark Ballard, Bruce Stoddard and Jon Stewart, all Champaign, $1,000; Carl Meyer and Dwight Miller, Champaign, $750; Michelle Crawford-Stock of Monticello, $600; and William Tracy, Elaine Tracy and J.W. Corley of Monticello, Beth Kindt of Mahomet, Tom Iorio of Rantoul, and Jeffrey Brown of Champaign, and Karen Miller, Michael Madigan and Jeannie Berns, all of Urbana, all $500.

Among the three announced Democratic candidates in the 13th District race, David Green of Champaign said Monday that he has raised about $2,000, but has not filed a campaign contribution report with the Federal Election Commission.

George Gollin, a physics professor at the University of Illinois and a resident of Champaign, has raised $197,248 of his $300,560 in campaign contributions from Champaign-Urbana. The biggest share, $166,000, is from himself.

Other major local donors to Gollin include: Dolores Joseph and Donald Jones, Champaign, each $5,200; Laura Greene, Urbana, $5,000; Hong Tran, Champaign, $2,000; Eric Bina, Scott Willenbrock, Bill O'Brien, Miles Klein, all of Champaign, $1,000; Toni Pitts, Edwin Goldwasser and Anthony Leggett, Urbana, each $1,000; and Dirk Mol, Michael Haney, Sara Latta, Ansel Anderson, Steven Errede, all of Champaign, and Maranne Kalinke, Umberto Ravaioli, Gordon Baym, all of Urbana, each $500.

Ann Callis, a former judge in Madison County, has the most money on hand of the three Democratic contenders, $370,176, but little of it is from the Champaign-Urbana area.

Callis has raised $6,182 locally. Her biggest local donors are: Champaign County Board member Astrid Berkson of Champaign, $555; Norman Miller of Champaign and Fred Kummerow of Urbana, each $500; and past congressional candidate Stephen Cox of Urbana, $450.

Johnson's PAC. Former U.S. Rep. Tim Johnson's Middle Ground PAC reported little activity in the last quarter. Those waiting to see if Johnson gives either to Erika Harold or Rodney Davis went unrewarded. The only Middle Ground PAC political disbursement was $1,500 to state Rep. Dan Brady, R-Bloomington.

Support for support. Equality Illinois, the Chicago-based group promoting the legalization of same-sex marriage in Illinois, made campaign contributions to only four legislators in the last quarter, and three of the four are Republicans, and all are same-sex marriage supporters who are getting heat for their positions.

One is Sen. Jason Barickman, R-Bloomington, who was the only Senate Republican to vote for gay marriage legislation earlier this year and again Tuesday. He got a $5,000 campaign contribution from the Equality Illinois political action committee in September.

Three state representatives who represent relatively conservative districts but who have pledged to support same-sex marriage also got donations last month from the PAC: Reps. Mike Smiddy, D-Hillsdale, $5,000; Ron Sandack, R-Downers Grove, $5,750; and Ed Sullivan, R-Mundelein, $5,250.

Tom Kacich is a News-Gazette editor and columnist. His column appears on Wednesdays and Sundays. He can be reached at 351-5221 or at

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Local Yocal wrote on November 06, 2013 at 10:11 am
Profile Picture

Erika's averaging one photo per week now. It looks like her candidacy is good for something, eh News-Gazette? Eye candy! Since issues aren't important, maybe Kacich could home phone all those donors and ask for more money so the candidates will spend more on newspaper ads! Do the donors get a free subscription?

Lance Dixon wrote on November 06, 2013 at 1:11 pm

Why do you list Ann Callis' dollar amount as "cash on hand" rather than total amount raised like you listed all other candidates? Obviously, you are trying to make the Democratic primary more of a horse race than it really is by underhandedly reporting a smaller total for her. Callis has raised over $466,000 and has $370,000 cash on hand.

Come on, News-Gazette! This article is not in the editorial section, so don't color it like one. Please present the facts in a blalanced way.

From her web site: "Callis’ campaign continues to be built on grassroots support—for the second quarter in a row, over 70% of her support has come in donations of $50 or less." This is in sharp contrast to her opponent who is basically funding his campaign himself.

Lance Dixon wrote on November 06, 2013 at 12:11 pm

By the way, Kacich obviously doesn't understand modern day fundraising. Most of my donations go through ActBlue ( and would not be recognized as a local contribution. Schedule A in the FEC report lists all ActBlue contributions as coming from Massachusetts. I'm very sure that Ms. Callis has received a substantial amount of local contributions (including my own) that are not accounted for in this article. Get with the 21st century, Mr. Kacich! Younger liberals who don't expect a favor in return for their money are happy to donate via web sites. Unlike Republicans, we try to avoid the sleazy feeling of handing a politician a check in person with a wink and a nod.