Memo clears way for demolition of White Hall

Memo clears way for demolition of White Hall

RANTOUL — The village now has it in writing.

Village Administrator Bruce Sandahl told the village board this week that the village had received the amended and restated memorandum of agreement from the Air Force for the former Chanute Air Force Base.

The action clears the way for the removal of asbestos from and demolition of the former steam plant and the behemoth White Hall.

Sandahl said he has been waiting a long time "to read that statement with a signature on it ... which finally gets Chanute closure coming to an end."

The village administrator showed a map of the former base colored in green and purple. The properties in green are those that will be transferred between now and Sept. 30, 2014. The ones in purple are those that are part of the agreement with the FAA and the Air Force to reduce the size of the footprint of the airport. Those buildings will be included in the airport properties already transferred.

Some key language in the agreement mandates that the Air Force "shall use its best efforts to rapidly cause the awarding of a contract by the U.S. Corps of Engineers" to remove asbestos from White Hall and the steam plant and demolish them.

The White Hall site is to be restored "to a buildable condition with appropriate ground cover."

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