Top of the morning, Dec. 18, 2013

Top of the morning, Dec. 18, 2013

Something to get you going, courtesy of executive editor Jim Rossow.

Reason to celebrate in Gifford

The plaque is in the school's trophy case, next to a bunch of other awards won by teams at Gifford Grade School.

But this one stands out.

"People here could use a little good news this time of year with what's taken place," Superintendent Rod Grimsley said. "It was nice that our kids could go out and do what they did."

Last week, Gifford's seventh-grade boys' basketball team won its first conference championship in several years. The same team that had to miss a week of practice after tornadoes turned the village upside down.

Talk about a comeback.

"I think the games give people a chance to get away from things," coach Mitch Pruemer said.

Now, the Eagles would draw crowds even if they couldn't make layups. That's how it is in Gifford. That they're undefeated and looking like a team that could go a long way in the playoffs is a bonus.

"A lot of times in towns like ours, the school is the focus of the community," Grimsley said. "That's the case in Gifford."

In the fall, Gifford canceled school for a day when its baseball team reached state. Just think what would happen if basketball goes that far, months removed from a devastating tornado.

"The outpouring of support — even from other teams and their fans — has been great," Pruemer said. "Hopefully, we can keep it going."

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