Updated: Rural Ivesdale woman shot; man dead of apparent suicide

Updated: Rural Ivesdale woman shot; man dead of apparent suicide

IVESDALE — Douglas County authorities believe a rural Ivesdale man killed himself inside his home in the northwest corner of the county late Tuesday afternoon after accidentally shooting his wife in the hand.

Douglas County Chief Deputy Peter Buckley identified the man as Terry Rexroad, 45, who lived at 95 E on County Road 1550 N, the road between Champaign and Douglas counties, about 4 miles south of Ivesdale.

Douglas County Coroner Joe Victor said an autopsy said the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head.

Mr. Rexroad's estranged wife, Theresa Rexroad, 41, called for help about 3:30 p.m. after having been shot in the hand in a struggle in the house.

Buckley said Theresa Rexroad, who was living in Atwood, stopped by the house to drop something off earlier in the day.

Once she was there, Buckley said, Mr. Rexroad began talking about harming himself.

"She said 'I'm going to call 911' and takes out a cellphone. There is a struggle for the phone and he's holding a gun in his hand and inadvertently shot her in the hand," Buckley said.

She then left the house and called police from her car down the road. Buckley said he was not sure where she was at the time Mr. Rexroad killed himself.

"She didn't hear anything. She was outside the house when she called the Douglas County sheriff's office. She was reporting that she had been shot and that her husband was in the house with the guns," Buckley said.

The Rexroads have two children. One lived with Mr. Rexroad and was not in the home at the time. The other lives with the mother, Buckley said.

Once the deputy arrived, it was decided, in consultation with Douglas County State's Attorney Kevin Nolan, to get a search warrant to go in the home.

Buckley said it was after 7 p.m. when deputies entered and found Mr. Rexroad dead.

The gun next to him in the bedroom was not the same as the one used to shoot Mrs. Rexroad in the hand.

She was treated and released from Kirby Hospital in Monticello for her injured hand.

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