A storm to remember?

A storm to remember?

Wind chills of minus 34. Snow over your dog's head. But hey, you've got power, TV is plentiful and Merry Ann's Diner is open. Like your grandpa who walked six miles to school in the snow, uphill both ways, the air is always colder on the older side of the fence. We asked State Climatologist Jim Angel for his list of the most memorable storms to sock the area before this latest one.

Jan. 1-3, 1999. Angel sees a similarity with the one-two punch of bad snow and bad cold we're having now. "We had to deal with 15 inches of snow and a record low of minus 25. It was pretty tough to get anything done, but since it was the first few days of January, there wasn't much to cancel."

Valentine's Day 1990. "I always dread ice storms; they're worse than snowstorms because you're more likely to lose power. That Feb. 14, the ice on the lines caused people out in the country to lose power for many days. Even in town, we were without power for 50 hours."

Jan. 29 to Feb. 3, 2011. The Groundhog Day blizzard, with 27 inches in suburban Chicago. "We were kind of on the edge of that, but if you were headed west or to Chicago, you were in trouble."

Dec. 24, 1983. It wasn't so much a White Christmas as a deathly cold one. "They canceled a lot of Christmas Eve services for that. It was not just the cold; there were very high winds."

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