Kurtz, young Democrats still at odds

Kurtz, young Democrats still at odds

The Democratic Chairman of the Champaign County Board and the Champaign County Young Democrats group remain at odds.

Chairman Al Kurtz and Young Democrats President Scott Redenbaugh each made appearances on WDWS Thursday.  They were reacting to a recent News-Gazette column which implied that the Young Democrats might not endorse Kurtz in his re-election bid.

Kurtz, in his WDWS interview Thursday, highlighted his record as an elected official and said he hopes the Young Democrats take an objective look at things.

Kurtz also invited Redenbaugh to attend a county board meeting to see the work he does firsthand.

Meanwhile, Redenbaugh said Kurtz is making the endorsement a bigger issue than it is.

Redenbaugh added that the Young Democrats will not make endorsements until this weekend, but he said Kurtz's stong-worded response may make it hard for him to get the nod.

To hear more from Al Kurtz, click here.  To hear more from Scott Redenbaugh, click here.

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