Potholes listed by News-Gazette readers

Potholes listed by News-Gazette readers

Here are potholes listed in January by News-Gazette readers.

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Residents in Champaign and Urbana can report potholes online at http://www.seeclickfix.com/champaign in Champaign and at http://www.urbanaillinois.us/citizens-voice in Urbana.

Following are readers' submissions:

Any street where the CUMTD runs!!!!!!!!! CUMTD should pay for the street damage their busses cause!!!    ‘
Springfield Avenue between Birch and Goodwin (primarily in the eastbound lane) is like a slalom of potholes.  There are so many in that stretch it’s hard to identify all of them.  There is a particularly bad grouping in the east bound lane right at the intersection of Springfield and Lincoln.    
Tolono - Headed to the high school on E. Walnut St
First St. near the 3-way stop of First and Peabody Dr. Champaign    
South Fair Street between Church & Springfield avenue.    
Row of potholes across route 45 north lane. So bad can make your car move almost 3 to 4 ft. into other lane.    
Mumford/vine st. Urbana. Right at stop sign. 
Race st. As you turn south onto race from Florida.     
Florida between Race and Vine going both eastbound and westbound.     
On Devonshire Drive, just east of Colony Square (701 Devonshire Dr.). There is one particular pothole that gets bigger every day.    
Bradley avenue overpass west of Duncan road    
Bradley Ave. just west of Lincoln Ave - if you are heading east...there are numerous potholes before you get to the stoplight that could be very damaging to a vehicle. Please send this to the city to repair. Thank you.    
southbound lanes just before you hit the intersection of Mattis and Kirby
Mattis between Bradley and University
on South Mattis (bridge almost to Windsor)
Windsor between Philo and Race
Bradley in Urbana between Lincoln and the railroad tracks    
Mattis Ave from Paula Dr to University is AWFUL!!! I swerve so much I probably look drunk. I have had to have my car aligned twice and it needs it again because of all the potholes because you can’t miss them all.    
Starting at Bradley and Lincoln and going west all the way down Bradley.    
Lincoln Avenue, between University and Springfield    
The entire stretch of N Market between Olympian and Ford Harris.  This stretch of road has not seen any maintenance since the City of Champaign took it over a couple of years ago...I am wrong, they recently put up “rough road” signs.    
Market Street, between Bradley and I-74 Champaign    

All of Windsor Road — it is undrivable and dangerous and should be closed immediately. Saturday Jan 11, 2014.

N. Mattis. The stretch between Bradley and at least University, if not Springfield.

Seriously? They're everywhere, pretty much the entire length of Kirby, of Windsor, of Mattis, Springfield; can't begin to tell how many we hit or dodged today while driving.

A full block southbound on Duncan between LaDue and Clayton in Champaign.

Mattis Ave. Between Bradley and Springfield. North and south bound lanes.

Elm & Haines area, Champaign

Urbana - Cunningham Avenue

Urbana - Illinois Avenue between Vine and Orchard

Lincoln Avenue, southbound lane, outside shoulder, in front of Circle K. It is so bad that when I hit it, it made my sliding door buzzer go off! let's hope that no permanent damage was done!

Route 150 from Urbana to St. Joseph

I-74 from St Joseph to Fithian

Windsor Road between Philo Road and Race Street. They are especially bad at Windsor and Race.

Market Street, Champaign, between Olympian and Ford Harris road/I-57

On Cunningham right by the used car dealership across from Meineke. Also some right before McDonald's on Cunningham.

Just got done changing tire for my wife, pothole destroyed rim. It was huge. I'd consider it high priority as it is hidden in a puddle. It is on Bradley 1 block west of prospect on the south side of the street.

In the Southbound lanes of Prospect between Devonshire and Windsor there are several large potholes that will damage cars and have already take hubcaps.

Champaign: Prospect Avenue, the entire stretch of road between Devonshire Drive and Windsor Road.

Champaign: Intersection of Windsor Road and First Street is filled with holes.

North Mattis in front of St. Thomas More High School

Rossmoor Ct Champaign cul de sac. It's been there years. Mattis Avenue by post office.

Heading south on Mattis between Kirby and Windsor-closer to Windsor in the left hand southbound lane.

Prospect and Windsor, South Neil Street

At the intersection of Cardinal Road and Bloomington Road/ US 150 in Champaign.

Windsor Road, between Philo and Race Streets.

Duncan road between Bradley & Clayton. There are numerous LARGE potholes between that stretch of road that could be dangerous to your car!

Also, large pothole south of Bradley on Lincoln Ave (southbound) just past gas station before the fire house.

State Street north of Kirby. Not good.

Route 150,  just west of Mattis.

Westbound John Street immediately west of Mattis intersection - it's huge!

North Country Fair Drive

All of Windsor between Philo and Lincoln is essentially one giant pothole.

150 west of Mattis heading toward Mahomet

Windsor Road, Philo to just west of Race, HORRIBLE. Then they over fill and it's like speed bump after speed bump. Tha city should pay for our damages!

Race Street between Windsor and Vine; Colorado between Philo and Cottage Grove; all in Urbana

Prospect between Devonshire and Windsor; Windsor between Lincoln and Philo

Market Street Road between Olympia and Ford Harris Road is a disaster!  This is in the city but totally ignored. The potholes are so bad there is a sign-”Rough Road”- but no lasting repair. The road is heavily traveled, in need of serious repair and quite dangerous.
From Mattis east on Springfield and Green streets all the way to campus. Mattis Avenue north and south is horrible. I pay all type of taxes and nothing is being done. 
First Street from Kirby to Green. This isn’t new. Some potholes have been there over a year or more. What a nice start on the marathon route in April! 
East Green Street between Neil and First
Bradley Avenue bridge over Interstate 57- Bradley just east of Duncan Road - deep small hole eastbound lane
Urbana — Airport Road. There are several on Airport Road just west of Cunningham. The first 50 ft after Cunningham are bad.
Philo Road near the Michigan intersection.
Race & Windsor — one there is so deep, it rattled my teeth going just 5 mph. Thought it might damage my car.
Springfield and Mattis 
Southbound I-57, bridge over Springfield Avenue
In front of a house in the 800 block of West Harvard, C
Windsor Road between Philo and Neil. 
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ROB McCOLLEY wrote on January 14, 2014 at 2:01 pm
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I thought Laura Huth was crazy when, a few years back, she suggested a light rail system for C-U. But then I realized that MTD buses eat pavement.


Considering the health of Urbana's brick roadways (High, Nevada & Michigan), I wonder why we don't return to brick for residential streets.


It's prettier. There's a natural speed-bump effect, which keeps the little ones safe. And the maintenance costs are what? Zero?


Keep the feeder roads paved, of course.