Gifford school adapts calendar for rest of year

Gifford school adapts calendar for rest of year

GIFFORD — Superintendent Rod Grimsley might want to add "schedule juggler" to his list of jobs during what has been a weird school year so far.

With the Nov. 17 tornado that racked much of Gifford and the recent winter storm that caused school to be closed for a couple of days, Grimsley has had to be creative.

The superintendent presented an amended calendar to the school board at its monthly meeting this week. The district has already used its allotted five emergency days.

One (Oct. 4) was used to allow people to attend the state baseball game. School was closed Nov. 18-21 following the tornado.

A teacher institute originally scheduled for Jan. 6 was moved to Nov. 22 as staff prepared to come back after the tornado.

The school will apply Jan. 6 and 7 as "Act of God days" from the winter storm, which Grimsley said will not have to be made up.

"Any more snow days from here on out will be applied for act of God days also," Grimsley said.

The last day of student attendance will be June 5. The board approved graduation ceremonies at 7 p.m. that day.

Grimsley presented a list of insurance claims from the tornado. The claims total $114,207 when figuring in a $1,000 deductible.

They include $36,534 damage to the school roof, $13,288 damage to the garage, $52,463 for destruction of the bus barn and $12,920 for damage to the HVAC system.

The board will hold a special meeting Thursday, Jan. 23, to determine if it wants to continue the practice of granting a tuition waiver to students of full-time staff members of the school.



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