Teen wanted in robbery arrested over theft from store

Teen wanted in robbery arrested over theft from store

URBANA — A Champaign teenager accused of taking part in robbing a younger teen at knifepoint last month was charged Friday with armed robbery after being arrested for a separate incident.

Michael R. Roberts, 19, who listed an address in the 2500 block of West Springfield Avenue, was arrested Thursday afternoon for allegedly stealing liquor from the CVS store, 107 W. Green St., C.

Police had been looking for Roberts in connection with the holdup of a 14-year-old boy that occurred on Dec. 26 in the 200 block of East Park Street in Champaign.

A Champaign police report said that in the armed robbery case, the younger teen had been on an MTD bus with an older teen, who saw the younger teen with two cellphones. The two struck up a conversation about the younger teen wanting to sell one of the phones. The older teen, later identified as Andrew T. Allen, 17, of the 2600 block of East California Street, Urbana, said he had a potential buyer. After the two got off the bus at the Illinois Terminal, Allen reportedly told the younger teen the buyer was at The Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club.

The victim headed there with Allen and three other young men following them. Roberts was identified as one of the others in the group.

When they arrived outside the club, which was closed for the holidays, the older teens allegedly produced knives. One of the group held a switchblade to the 14-year-old's neck and demanded his phone and backpack. After they got the items, the younger teen got away and contacted police.

Allen was arrested last week and charged with armed robbery. Police are still looking for the other two.

In the CVS case, Roberts was charged Friday with burglary and theft for allegedly stealing the liquor from CVS. He was arrested in the 300 block of South Neil after having run from the store.

If convicted of the more serious armed robbery charge, Roberts faces six to 30 years in prison.

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Joe American wrote on January 17, 2014 at 2:01 pm

Ah, yes.....the 2500 block of W. Springfield.

When are we gong to finally call in the dozers out there?