City changes honorary street name policy

City changes honorary street name policy

CHAMPAIGN — Lou Henson Court, REO Speedwagon Way, Roger Ebert Boulevard and even Loren Tate Way will lose their designations as honorary street names when the 10-year period for those designations expires.

The Champaign City Council voted 8-0 on Tuesday night to change its policy regarding honorary street names.

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The council has approved 40 honorary street names so far, including designations for former city council member June Mank; police Officers Thomas Dodsworth and Robert Tatman, who were both killed in the line of duty; TV weatherman Keith Page; Boston Marathon champion Jean Driscoll; and Virginia Tech shooting victim Austin Cloyd.

In the past, once 10 years have passed after the designation of an honorary street name, the city council had the option to renew that designation for an additional 10 years.

Of the 40 honorary street designations approved thus far in Champaign, 11 are already on their 10-year renewals.

One of the changes approved Tuesday removes the option for renewal.

"We have a number of ways to celebrate and honor people through foundations and charitable donations," said Mayor Don Gerard. "A street sign could be a catalyst for something bigger for an individual or organization."

The revised policy also reduces the number of honorary street names from 12 per year to four, limits honorary designations to one block in length, and prohibits more than one honorary designation per location.

"It is important to be responsible to the taxpayers and limit how many of these that we do," Gerard said.

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Sid Saltfork wrote on January 22, 2014 at 3:01 pm

Why not sell them?  State Farm Drive, Flex-N-Gate Street, Jimmy John's Circle, etc...  It would generate money instead of costing money.  Heck, sell the name of the town if the money is enough.  Busey-Carle could generate big bucks.  Whoa... maybe Carle-Busey to appease the Urbananites.