Expect the usual from Gov. Quinn

Expect the usual from Gov. Quinn

We asked columnist Tom Kacich for his take on Gov. Pat Quinn's annual State of the State address to the Legislature at noon today (WDWS 1400-AM):

Based on last year's speech, you can expect it to contain a lot of self-congratulations and olive branches extended to legislators.

In last year's address, Quinn hailed the work done to abolish the controversial General Assembly scholarship program, close more than 50 state facilities, reform Illinois' Medicaid program and enact a capital projects program.

His to-do list included pension reform (done, although no one seems to like the result), gay marriage (done), creation of an Illinois health insurance exchange (done), online voter registration (done), raising the minimum wage (not done), a statewide ban on the sale of so-called assault weapons (not done) and eliminating the requirement that primary election voters declare a party affiliation (not done).

This year's list — remember: this is a re-election year for the governor — likely will include raising the minimum wage, some kind of capital projects program (happens every year), some kind of education-related initiative (happens every year) and some kind of ethics-related initiative (happens every year).

There's also a good chance that at some point in his speech Gov. Quinn will say either "the will of the people is the law of the land," "everybody in, nobody left out," "a servant's heart" or "the best social program is a J-O-B."

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