Car dealers pick their dream rides

Car dealers pick their dream rides

We asked folks in the car business: If you could spend a day behind the wheel of one famous ride — real or make-believe — what would you choose?


Owner. Sullivan-Parkhill, Champaign

"The ASTON MARTIN DB5 from 'Goldfinger,' one of my favorite James Bond movies. I would drive it from Carmel, California, to Santa Barbara on Highway 1. I'd the close the highway to all other traffic. That would be fun."


President/CEO, Worden Martin

"The easy answer is the original version of the Batmobile. I actually considered purchasing a reproduction of it a few years ago. But, if it were for just one day, I would have to go with the OSCAR MEYER WIENERMOBILE. I think it would be a ball to drive in the Fourth of July parade."


President, Tim Mooney Ford, Tuscola

"Even though it's not a Ford, I'd pick the DeLOREAN DMC from 'Back to The Future.' Time travel would be very interesting. Plus, you'd get to see the next 50 World Series winners. It would give a Cub fan like myself some hope. Just can't forgetto bring extra plutonium for fuel."


Owner, Rick Ridings of Monticello

"I'd drive ELEANOR, the 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 Fastback made famous in 'Gone in Sixty Seconds.' Nicolas Cage was the actor. It had a 428 cubic engine, 360 horsepower. After I saw that movie, it was like Eleanor was a living, breathing car. I'd want to drive her to the annual Mustang roundup in Orlando and watch all those other Mustang enthusiasts go crazy. I'd just light Eleanor up and show her off to everybody."


President, Champaign-based Corvette Club of Illinois

"I'd have to pick the 1962 CORVETTE from the TV show 'Route 66.' I know it isn't one of the most famous cars in the world, but there would be one little special action attached — I would like to go back to the 1960s for the special ride in a simpler time. That would be so much fun."


Driver's ed instructor, Mahomet-Seymour HS

"The modified DeLOREAN DMC-12 from 'Back to The Future' — and, of course, it has to have the flux capacitor. Maybe it's because I just want to say, 'Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads!'"


President, Courtesy Auto Group, Danville

"I would drive the PRESIDENTIAL LIMO, changing the body style to an Expedition, because there's no better armored vehicle with windows on the planet. It would allow me to travel any place and execute a 'J Turner' and other evasion techniques without the fear of a siren. Also, I think I would look pretty cool in the black suit and dark glasses."


Executive manager, Honda BMW of Champaign

"Definitely the CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG flying pontoon floating car. A car thatdrives, floats and flies is a true all-purpose vehicle thatwould suit my needs. I wouldfly withmy wife to places that remind me of when I was young — we would get a hot dog and a chocolate milk at Heid's in Liverpool, New York; motor across Lake Michigan to swingbyWrigley Field and Soldier Field; then fly down to Champaign, above the ice on Interstate 57, to watch the Fighting Illini whip up on Indiana again.

"At the end of the day, I would probably sell it, because after all, it's what we do."


General manager, Toyota of Danville

"If I could drive the DeLOREAN from 'Back to The Future,' I would spend the day popping in on some of my favorite times of the past, making sure a few of those big games came out winners and cruising into the future to check in on some key moments. The last stop would be the local Casey's for a winning Illinois Lottery ticket."


Owner, Fifth Dimension Collision, Champaign

"I see so many cool cars here at 5D — we had three 2014 Vipers here in the last 30 days. My 2001 Viper is constantly called the Batmobile, so I quess in some peoples eyes I am driving the Batmobile all the time.

"But I think for me, it would probably be a famous MONSTER TRUCK. I would like to take it OUT, get it crazy muddy, let someone else clean it and then crush a few cars, jump a couple of times and mark that one off the bucket list."


Driver's ed instructor, St. Joseph-Ogden HS

"The BATMOBILE — from 2005's 'Batman Begins.' It's half-car, half-tank. What can the Batmobile not do?"

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