Potholes listed by News-Gazette readers through Feb. 10, 2014

Here are potholes listed by News-Gazette readers.

Got one to add? Click here to submit it online. Residents in Champaign and Urbana can report potholes online at http://www.seeclickfix.com/champaign in Champaign and at http://www.urbanaillinois.us/citizens-voice in Urbana.

Here's our earlier installment from January.

Here are the submissions from readers so far in February:

All of Mattis Ave....especially around Kraft. It feels like a war zone in a third world country. Welcome to Champaign...so proud.

Coler and Fairview west to Lincoln

Lincoln and University: All the way down South Lincoln

Lincoln Ave between Univerity and Main

Green Street between Lincoln and Race?

Romine Street between Bradley and Beslin

Lincoln Ave~ between Univerity and Main

Green Street ~ between Lincoln and Race?

Romine Street~ between Bradley and Beslin

Bradley Ave ~ between Lincoln and 5th and Bradley

There are a number of huge potholes on Lincoln Avenue, particularly between University Avenue and Springfield Avenue.

Lincoln Ave. in Urbana between University and Green

On Neil where it intersects with 74.

There are so many potholes between I74 and Green St on Lincoln Ave it has become unsafe in spots. Especially between University and Springfield. Cars jockey for position around the numerous large potholes and nearly collide with each other. It’s ridiculous.    

Pretty much all of Mattis Avenue between Bloomington Road and Springfield. Chunks of asphalt everywhere. I won’t drive my Mustang on Mattis for fear the road will damage my car. I also encountered a really bad car-eater on the road inside the Schnucks parking lot, between the store and Texas Roadhouse. I know this isn’t government property but figured I would still report it. Thanks!

Church and Mattis Champaign, also several other areas on Church St. going west.   

The bridge over I-57 on west Bradley is horrible.

Springfield Avenue between Busey and McCullough is a minefield right now.    

Huge Huge pothole in the Country Fair parking lot.  If you turn north into Country Fair from Springfield towards the bank, there is a pothole probably 1 foot deep and 4 foot wide.  The buses travel this path. 


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