Dey, Turpin discuss N-G story on Kilgore

Dey, Turpin discuss N-G story on Kilgore

News-Gazette columnist Jim Dey on Tuesday morning fielded an hour's worth of calls regarding his Sunday piece on James Kilgore, the former Symbionese Liberation Army member who is teaching a class at the University of Illinois.

Hosted by Jim Turpin, the show touched on Dey's reporting and the widespread feedback it generated.

Listen to our podcast here.

Read Dey's story on Kilgore here.

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Moses the Dog wrote on February 12, 2014 at 3:02 pm
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Tried to listen to the podcast but it wouldn't work. Just as well, I'm quite familiar with the kind of comments Turpin and Dey are likely to give. It's why I seldom listen to Penny for Your Thoughts anymore.

Everyone I truly respect has moved far beyond the best these two seem able to manage. I suppose from the point of view of some old, blue-haired matron what they opine may ring honorable but to me it sounds unbelievably small-minded and wrong-headed. And it comes through though Turpin soft pedals his opinions as much as possible.

Anyone hired by the U of I has gone through the wringer as far as those items that really matter, subject knowledge, attitude and professionalism, etc. Turpin and Dey clearly represent what passes for the landed gentry in these parts and I'm sure they can conjure up all sorts of horrible consequences from Kilgore's remaining in the U of I's employ, but what they won't accept is that people like me thinking it far more detrimental that they continue in their positions of power.

What they've managed to do is hurt this university's reputation in a matter of almost no importance. Back in the day even conservatives had enough moral fiber and smarts to have handled this quietly and under the radar. Apparently they think they've landed a big fish when to me, at least, they've only managed to slip even further down the totem pole.