State approves waivers for Gifford school

State approves waivers for Gifford school

GIFFORD — Gifford Grade School students won't have to go to school longer than previously scheduled.

The Illinois State Board of Education has approved five "act of God" days for the school, meaning the school year will end on the previously scheduled June 5.

Superintendent Rod Grimsley said Gifford used up its five scheduled emergency days the week following the Nov. 17 tornado. The large number of snow days used doubled the number of days out of class, so the school sought an exemption.

"We had to have five 'act of God' days in January," Grimsley said. "I submitted a revised calendar, and they were accepted.

"I lead the league in amended calendars this year. I think I'm on my fourth one."

Grimsley said many other districts in the state have had to use all their emergency days because of the weather — but they didn't have a tornado aftermath to contend with.

"I think everybody knows, statewide it's been the worst winter since the late '70s-early '80s," Grimsley said.

The superintendent also reported to the school board at this week's monthly meeting that Gifford had received a 3.8 out of a potential 4.0 financial stability score as graded by the State Board of Education.

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