Top of the Morning, Feb. 17, 2014: From the archives

Top of the Morning, Feb. 17, 2014: From the archives

There's an old Don McLean song that has been coming to mind lately for me.

"Winter has me in its grip," he sings. "Think I'll take a summer trip, on a sunny sailing ship where the shells lie in the sand."

I know a lot of us feel that way these days.

I'm starting to see pictures of palm trees and beaches and last year's summer vacation on Facebook.

Enough, those pictures are saying. We haven't seen bare ground for weeks. The shortest of errands requires a hat and gloves. Even school-closing messages evoke Jimmy Buffett.

When we asked on Twitter for photos of one of the recent snowfalls, one of our followers pleaded, "No offense, but anyone got some Hawaii pics instead? Or the Keys?"

Winter has us in its grip.

But there is beauty to be had during these bleak months, and our photographers find it. Without benefit of sound, they summon the peal of laughing children on sleds, the near silence of a city muted by fresh snow. They give us vistas we might otherwise overlook. We are brought close to animals without risk of spooking them.

From the archive this week, we've posted a couple dozen examples of what our photographers see when it's winter.


You can always post that beach picture later.

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