Bring Your Own Technology coming to Urbana Middle School

Bring Your Own Technology coming to Urbana Middle School

URBANA — Students at Ur­­bana Middle School may soon bring — and use — their own electronic devices (such as laptops) to school under a planned program.

Urbana Middle School Principal Scott Woods told the school board Tuesday night about the school’s proposed Bring Your Own Technology program.

While many students already bring devices that can access the Internet to the school, rules currently prohibit them from accessing the Internet using those devices, Woods said.

Now that the school is beginning to make use of Google Apps for Education (a free suite of Web-based applications that give students access to software such as a word processor), Woods said the school is looking at allowing the students to utilize their electronic devices for educational purposes.

Woods said the program is beneficial because it allows the young people to learn using the devices with which they are already comfortable.

Bring Your Own Technology also allows the school to stretch resources because it would free up school-owned equipment for students who don’t have their own devices.

Before the Bring Your Own Technology program begins, parents will need to give consent for their children to use the devices at school, he said.

In addition, all use of the Internet on personal electronic devices will be under the supervision of a teacher and will use the school’s Web filters.

Brooks said he hopes to have the program in place for all students by August.

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