Latest pothole list from our readers

Latest pothole list from our readers

Since the freeze-thaw began in January, we've asked News-Gazette readers to list potholes they've encountered. And city officials have online ways for citizens to report them as well.

Got a pothole to add? Click here to tell us about it. You can also report potholes online in Champaign and in Urbana.

Here's our earlier installment from January. Here's one earlier installmentfrom February. And   here's another  .

Here are the submissions from readers since 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 20:

— Northbound lane of Vine St, Urbana, just north of Main St and before the entrance to Schnucks.

—  The corner of Windsor Road and First Street, there is a huge gap in the road as you turn onto First Street.

—  Prospect between Bradley and Church. My daughter hit a deep on on Super Bowl Sunday when she was unable to avoid the pothole and the car next to her. It damaged the aftermarket rim which is irreplaceable. Don't thank the City of Champaign, thank IDOT...they are the ones responsible for Prospect, Mattis and surprise they are 3 out of the 4 streets mentioned on this list.

—  West Bradley Ave. bridge over I-57 (and the part of the road between Duncan Ave. and Staley Rd.); the surface of the west-bound lane is a continuous chain of potholes.

—  Green st between lincoln avenue and lincoln square mall. Windsor road from urbana to champaign. Wright st from university avenue to library. Springfield avenue from champaign to urbana. Cunnigham ave, directly across from carle medical supply. Saw accidents here on wednesday.

— Mattis ave from Bloomington rd head north to University ave. With the rain yesterday it literally swallowed my car in 7 different spots at least !!!!!

— Duncan Road from Bradley Ave to Clayton Blvd.

— Harrington Drive between Prospect and O'Donnell Dr in Champaign

— Florida Ave. Near FAR dormitory. Huge pothole. Got my tire punctured.

— Roland Drive from Dobbins Drive going North

— On W. Green St. in Urbana, near the intersection of Orchard St.

— Mattis Avenue, area near Schnucks/Ichiban Chinese Buffet.. the curbside lane is not driveable.

— On Airport Road directly west of Cunningham in urbana. There are 2 very large potholes that have been there for quite some time

— Corner of Neil and Convenience Center Road

— Near Harrington & Robert in Champaign. Huge!

— On Kirby (westbound) near Lincoln, very near the cemetery.

— Lincoln Avenue . . from 74 to Windsor

— There is a pothole on Prospect at the exit of Judah Christian School.

— Heading north on Prospect, in between Washington and Columbia. I hit a pothole there on Saturday, and blew my tire and also bent my rim. I've now avoided taking Prospect because I feel like it is dangerous to drive and try to dodge the potholes.

— Very bad; N. Prospect between Church St. and the railroad tracks.

— In Urbana- Green and Birch streets. The alley at 508 S. Broadway in Urbana on the North side of the Law Firm building. Race Street in Urbana from Florida to Windsor-various locations. In Champaign- State Street from University to St. Mary's Road.

— Colorado Ave near Cottage Grove

—  Dodson Dr just south of Main Street in Urbana. Several right south of Main and a few more a block south. Also on Dodson as you get ready to turn onto Washington. They get bigger by the day.

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