Q&A: Rodney Davis, U.S. House, 13th District

Q&A: Rodney Davis, U.S. House, 13th District

Q&A with Rodney Davis, Republican, Taylorville, candidate for 13th District, U.S. House.

1. Do you favor repeal of the Affordable Care Act? If so, should Congress move quickly to approve an alternate health care program that would cover all or most Americans? What kind of provisions, coverage do you think it should include?

I have not supported the Affordable Care Act and I have voted to repeal the law on several occasions. As we have seen from the bungling of the website, to the problems with enrollees being put in the wrong plan, to so many individuals experiencing loss of their private plans due to the law, this is not the way we need to enact health care reform. It has been, and will continue to be, a disaster.

To have true health care reform, we cannot rely upon a government-run and mandated system such as Obamacare. I believe one of the answers is to provide the ability to sell health insurance across state lines. I believe an easier solution to the issue of uninsured is to open up a system like the Federal Employee Health Benefits system to those who do not have insurance. I also am a strong proponent of tort reform. Our doctors far too often practice defensive medicine because of the threat of lawsuits. Our hospitals and clinics spend far too much time and resources on lawyers, paperwork and burdensome regulations, which all detract from the quality of bedside care.

2. Would you support a "single payer" health care program?


3. In view of the mounting federal debt, do you believe it is practical to call only for spending cuts? What share of federal deficit reduction should come from spending cuts and revenue increases? Please be specific about those shares, and about where you think cuts must be made and where revenue increases should be made?

Curtailing out-of-control spending must be our first priority. We must cut federal spending and live within the means of our current annual federal revenue. I do not support raising taxes to achieve a balanced budget. We must enact policies which encourage private job creation to stimulate the economy. A robust economy, in combination with a restrained federal budget will put us on the path to balancing our books and starting to pay down our national debt I have supported cuts in spending in many areas and have voted for a budget which would reduce the deficit.

4. Do you support construction of the Keystone XL pipeline through the United States?


5. Would you support increasing the use of nuclear power for electricity generation?


6. Would you support repealing the federal death penalty?

I am willing to consider repealing the federal death penalty.

7. Do you think there is a need to further regulate federal campaign finance laws? If so, what kind of legislation would you propose? Would you favor a constitutional amendment to regulate campaign financing?

I would be in favor of reforming our current campaign finance system to make it more transparent for all who participate in political campaigns. A constitutional amendment would have to ensure that the current system becomes more transparent.

8. Would you support a federal flat tax?

We should look at reforming the tax code. My support would hinge on enacting pro-growth tax policies which lowers rates, broadens the base, and removes loopholes.

9. Should Congress do anything to regulate the use of drones, either by the government or by private citizens?

I have supported legislation which would prohibit the use of drones to kill U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.

10. Under what circumstances would you be wiling to commit U.S. troops to foreign wars?

When America is attacked and when a clear interest in American foreign policy is attacked.

11. Do you support eliminating the estate tax?


12. Is here a need to restrict the National Security Agency? How?

I voted for the NSA-limiting amendment to the Department of Defense Appropriation Bill, and I was disappointed to see it fail. The amendment would have modified the NSA's current authority to collect metadata and limit it to only those who are subject to an investigation. I share concerns about the privacy of our telephone conversations and emails. We need to understand the nature and extent of this intrusion as well as to prevent it from happening again in the future.

13. Do you believe that federal sentencing rules for non-violent drug offenders are too harsh and that judges should have more leeway in setting sentences?

I believe that judges should have more leeway in setting sentences.

14. What should the United States do to revise its immigration system? Do you favor granting amnesty to illegal immigrants already here?

I also believe we have failed to enforce the current laws we have regarding citizenship. We need to reform our system so those who want to come here the right way can do so in a respectable and fair process.

We need to fix the issues which have allowed for illegals to stay in our country, whether that is someone who has overstayed their visa or come across the border illegally. Whatever pieces of legislation make their way to the House for a vote, I will examine them to make sure they represent the best interests of those in Illinois' 13th District.

We must ensure that our borders are secure. Increasing and improving our security measures along our borders will not only help prevent more people from entering the country illegally, it will also help prevent drug trafficking and violent crimes along our border.

15. As the 13th Congressional District representative, what would you do to block disposal of PCBs and other hazardous chemicals at the Clinton landfill?

I share the concerns about I share the concerns about the Mahomet Aquifer remaining as a viable source of drinking water for generations to come. We need to ensure that PCBs and other chemicals are not introduced to this water supply.

16. Do you believe in climate change/global warming, and if so would you vote for legislation that would mandate reductions in levels of global warming pollution by 2020 or 2025?

Climate change is certainly a reality. Many factors, both man-made and natural, contribute to changes in climate. We should all agree that reducing our dependence on foreign oil and cutting air pollution without doing economic harm to our citizens will benefit our national security, environment and public health.

17. Is a constitutional amendment needed to define marriage as only between one man and one woman?

I would support a constitutional amendment defining marriage as only between one man and one woman.

18. Should the federal government continue to provide production tax credits for clean energy projects, such as wind energy?

I support an "all of the above" approach to a strong national energy policy; this includes production tax credits for clean energy projects.

19. Do you think the federal government has gone too far in trying to protect the United States in the aftermath of 9/11? If so, what should be done?

While in office I have sought to maintain individual freedoms.

I voted for the NSA-limiting amendment to the Department of Defense Appropriation Bill, and I was disappointed to see it fail. The amendment would have modified the NSA's current authority to collect metadata and limit it to only those who are subject to an investigation. I have concerns about the privacy of our telephone and email conversations. We must understand the nature and extent of this intrusion as well as to prevent it from happening again in the future.

I voted against CISPA, because I felt that it infringed upon the privacy rights of Americans. I also am concerned about the expectation of privacy in today's age.

I have co-sponsored legislation that would prohibit federal agencies from accessing emails without a search warrant (HR 1852, the Email Privacy Act) legislation that would require the federal government to obtain a warrant to access GPS location information (GPS Act).

20. Are you willing to vote for an increase in the federal gasoline tax to fund more infrastructure improvements? If not, how else can we afford to pay for needed highway, mass transit, railroad and airport improvements?

With our diverse transportation needs, I believe we need to a varied portfolio of funding sources. Future funding sources need to address our needs of continued infrastructure expansion while avoiding the funding problems we have currently.

21. What do you think your Number One priority, as the representative of the broad and varied central Illinois district, is in Congress?

I will represent the values of the people of Central and Southwestern Illinois and advocate for the economic interests of the district. My top priority contiues to be that we must manage our out-of-control Washington spending and finally get our nation on a track to pay down our $17 trillion national debt.

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Sid Saltfork wrote on March 04, 2014 at 4:03 pm

I loved the answer to #7.  Add that to being an "appointed" politician with the circumstances surrounding the "appointment", and the ads over debates campaigning.  If he truely feels that way about "transparency", why not do it himself now rather than after the election.  Otherwise, the answers to the other questions play well for a downstate GOP candidate.  The same sex marriage issue, and Affordable Care issue will cost him votes; but he is running as a GOP candidate.