Record status pending for marathon wiffle ball game

Record status pending for marathon wiffle ball game

A local group is waiting to find out if it set a Guinness world record for the longest wiffle ball game for a contest played this past weekend.  But in the process, it fell short of its goal for raising money for a local organization.

Organizer of the game Chris Shields said about $370 was raised from the event at the High School of St. Thomas More, short of the $1,000 goal, with the proceeds going to the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen.  The group played wiffle ball for 26 straight hours from early Saturday morning until Sunday morning. The current record for longest wiffle ball game is 25 hours and 39 minutes.

Bart Greenberger played in the game and said that it will be a few months before Guinness reviews the record attempt and makes a decision.  Greenberger said the event was a great experience, but playing wiffle ball that long takes a lot out of you.

Greenberger said the concession stand at the event was kept open all 26 hours by the St. Thomas More softball team to make sure the participants had food and drinks to keep them going.  He said the group played about 270 innings, with his team losing 177-150.  He said the marathon wiffle ball game included a total of 243 home runs and a lot of strikeouts.

If you would like to still donate in honor of the game, you're asked to donate directly to the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen.

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