County, Urbana drug detectives seize large amount of cocaine in Friday arrest

County, Urbana drug detectives seize large amount of cocaine in Friday arrest

MAHOMET — A Champaign man who allegedly had about three ounces of cocaine intended for sale on him and in a hotel room where he was staying was arrested Friday night.

Champaign County Judge Brian McPheters set bond Saturday for Derrick L. Lindsey, 38, at $500,000 after Lindsey reportedly bragged to police officers that if a judge set his bond at $100,000, he would be out in minutes because he had plenty of financial backers.

Assistant State’s Attorney Matt Banach told McPheters in court Saturday that Champaign County sheriff’s drug investigators had received a tip that a man known as “D” had been selling cocaine for several months and that he was going to make another sale Friday near a bar on South Prairie View Road in Mahomet.

Sheriff’s and Urbana police narcotics agents went there late Friday afternoon and watched as Lindsey pulled up in the parking lot in a white Cadillac. He had three passengers with him.

When Lindsey got out of the car, police approached and identified themselves as officers, at which time Lindsey began to run.

As he was running, he threw down a stocking cap that detectives later learned held four plastic bags with about a half ounce (14.6 grams) of powder that field-tested positive as cocaine.

They eventually caught Lindsey and on him found another 21 plastic bags containing a total of 12.6 grams of cocaine and about $2,500 cash.

Lindsey admitted to officers that he had been selling cocaine and claimed he was going to stop at the end of the month. He also made the comment about being able to post bond.

After police spoke to the others in the car with Lindsey, they obtained a search warrant for a hotel room in the 200 block of West Anthony Drive in Champaign that Lindsey rented. He also listed an address in the 4800 block of Windsor Road, Champaign.

In the hotel room, police found just under two ounces (54.7 grams) of powder cocaine, a digital scale, and Lindsey’s identification near the scale.

A preliminary charge of possession with intent to deliver cocaine was lodged Saturday against Lindsey. He’s due back in court Monday for formal arraignment.

Banach told McPheters that Lindsey had prior convictions for possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, delivery of a controlled substance, obstructing justice, resisting a peace officer, aggravated battery and unlawful use of weapons   

To be released from jail, he has to post $50,000 cash. He remained there Saturday afternoon.

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EdRyan wrote on March 16, 2014 at 6:03 am

Let's see here.  The judge decided that the bond should be $500,000 because the defendant made a statement that he could raise $100,000.  Is not the purpose of bond to insure that a defendant shows up for trial and not a form of punishment to keep them in jail?  Would another defendant have had to have posted $100,000 under the same circumstances?  Sounds to me like McPheters has already decided the case and should recuse himself.