Tuesday's winners & losers (video)

Tuesday's winners & losers (video)

Gov. Quinn had a bad night. Carol Ammons had a great night. And Rodney Davis and Ann Callis, well, they had mixed results. That's the word from Tom Kacich, who took to video to analyze what happened during Tuesday's primary election.

Our video is here

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Sid Saltfork wrote on March 19, 2014 at 2:03 pm

Yes, Quinn had a bad night; but he got the opponent that he wanted.  Union members were encouraged to vote for Dillard.  Had Dillard won the members would have voted for him in the general election.  Since Rauner won; the members will have to hold their noses, and vote for Quinn. 

As more comes out about Rauner, people will wonder why even bother to vote.  Rauner, or Quinn exhibts typical corrupt Illinois politics.  The voters are forced to vote for the candidate that they feel will steal the least from them.  The real winner is Rahm.  He is a personal friend of Rauner, yet he can get favors from either candidate for delivering Cook County.  Downstate will go to Rauner.  Cook County will probably go to Quinn. The suburban vote will be the decider.  The citizens can expect more cuts in state services, more tax increases, more pork barrel spending, and more corruption regardless of the winner.