Final cost in for fiber optic system in Monticello

Final cost in for fiber optic system in Monticello

MONTICELLO — The total installation cost for Monticello's recently installed fiber optic system has come in at $306,074. That means each of the four entities that combined to bring the high speed data lines to town will pay about $76,500 each.

The entities that collaborated to string the thin wire throughout the community — Piatt County, the city of Monticello, Allerton Library Board and Monticello schools — will vote in upcoming months to amend their intergovernmental agreement to reflect that cost. An original $240,000 estimate was raised to $280,000 through an initial amendment, but the $306,074 is a firm cost that will be paid to contractor Metro Communications.

At that point, the local governments will own the system, which includes "handholes" throughout Monticello for businesses and possibly homes to hook onto in the future.

Monticello School Superintendent Vic Zimmerman agreed that Metro "deserves to be paid," but that holding back 10 percent of payment is a common practice which would give time to make sure all the work was done and that it is fully operational.

He also pointed out that part of the increased cost was due to a decision to pay $14,500 to Metro to splice the fiber for the underground system. Metro was originally contracted only to install the system, but not to splice the wire.