Funding approved for Monticello bicycle-network plan

Funding approved for Monticello bicycle-network plan

MONTICELLO — The city council approved spending up to $25,000 with the Farnsworth Group to draft a long-range bicycle-network master plan, which could include extensions of existing trails and possible cycling routes within the city.

Jeff Martin of Farnsworth said the process would include at least two public meetings.

"Those are typically a two- to three-hour event where we bring people in and we'll have maps printed out, and we have markers, and we ask people where they think trails should go," Martin said. "I don't tell people where I think they should go, because some of the best answers come from people and interested groups."

During the public participation portion of the meeting, Steve Shreffler expressed concern over bike lanes in the city.

"Bike lanes in Monticello just don't make sense," said Shreffler, claiming it would be difficult to widen streets to accommodate lanes without losing land and trees. "There hasn't been enough preliminary investigation into this project to warrant spending the $25,000 when we have other issues that are more pressing."

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