Top of the Morning, March 28, 2014

Top of the Morning, March 28, 2014

They are actually going to play Major League Baseball this weekend. Outside. Maybe the folks in charge figure if the high school kids can play in the muck, so can the guys who are getting paid to play. While you wait for spring, it's time to find another ways to occupy your time. Like television.

Here is your weekend viewing guide:


"The Late Show with David Letterman"

11:35 p.m., WCIA (CBS)

Because CBS has NCAA tournament regional semifinals tonight (including 2013 runner-up Michigan), you are going to stay up late to see the Indiana funnyman. But it will be worth it. Why? Because one of the guests is the always interesting Michael Keaton. For T.O.T.M.'s money he was best Batman (no offense Adam West). Plus, he likes sports and will probably spend part of his time talking about hockey. Keaton is one of our finest American actors. Loved him in "The Other Guys."


"Saturday Night Live"

10:30 p.m., WAND (NBC)

Careful when recording the show on your DVR. NBC tries to trick us by airing a repeat of "SNL" earlier in the evening. Can't tell you how many times I've sat down expecting a new episode and was surprised by a rerun. If you tape the right version, you will see one of the best current comedians: Louis CK. Funny, crude and clever. The perfect combination before you go to bed and get up early to go to church. Wonder if Louis will be there?


"The Good Wife"

8 p.m., WCIA (CBS)

Retroactive big-time spoiler alert. In last week's episode, they killed off "Will Gardner." It was kind of like when "Fonzie" jumped the shark on "Happy Days," only bloodier. Wiping out the No. 2 character on the show took some guts. Or stupidity. The hunch here is that Josh Charles asked for more money. Whatever the reason, fans of the show are angry about the change. It will be fun to watch as it moves forward. The characters will mourn the loss of Gardner while adding new cast members. Michael J. Fox is coming back as a lawyer. Cool.

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