Champaign school board approves RIF

Champaign school board approves RIF

CHAMPAIGN — School-district officials expect the vast majority of employees affected by a reduction in force approved Monday night to have jobs this fall.

But some of those employees might find themselves working in different positions or working fewer days a year.

The Champaign school board voted 7-0 Monday to approve reductions in force for nine certified and nine noncertified staff members.

The board also voted 7-0 to release 50 certified staff members who were hired to work on a year-to-year basis.

District spokeswoman Stephanie Stuart said the school code requires districts to notify employees whenever there is a possibility that their positions might be eliminated.

She said those affected by Monday’s votes were notified about the reduction in advance, so the board’s actions weren’t a surprise.

Ken Kleber, Unit 4’s executive director of human resources, said that five certified staff members whose jobs are being eliminated will likely be offered other positions.

Another four certified staff members affected by the reductions will likely be employed this fall but will work fewer days a year.

Six noncertified staff members are being paid for by grants that are being awarded annually. When this year’s grant money is received, those people could get their jobs back.

The other three noncertified employees had temporary positions, Kleber said.

The 50 certified employees who are being released are either part-time, late-hire, retired but working or interim employees.

The district makes decisions on rehiring such employees on a year-to-year basis, Kleber said.

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