Top of the Morning, March 31, 2014: From the archives

Top of the Morning, March 31, 2014: From the archives

I bet some of you who never go to campus went to campus last week.

Some of my co-workers, for instance, hit Papa Del's for lunch.

Spring break is the perfect illustration of the ambivalence that can exist in a college town.

On a trip to Ireland some years ago, the owner of a bed-and-breakfast described the relationship between the U.S. and his country: "If you sneeze, we catch cold."

That pretty much nails it as far as Champaign-Urbana and UI students. Campus can be difficult to navigate when there are 40,000 students around. But imagine if spring break lasted the entire year. Population of 120,000 or so? Goodbye. Concerts at Krannert, the State Farm Center, outdoors at the Research Park? Not a chance. Ebertfest? Marathon? Sweetcorn Festival? Sayonara.

As someone who once was one of those darn UI students, I tend to avoid campus these days. But I'm glad to live in this college town, because the presence of the university and its students elevates everything around it.

Now spring break is over and the students are back.

So, what the heck, at we've pulled some photos from our archive into a gallery of scenes of UI students that many of you will recognize.

Remember the crowd when Ellen's show came to town? Psh. You should have seen registration at the Armory.

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