Top of the Morning, April 11, 2014

Top of the Morning, April 11, 2014

It isn't T.O.T.M's job to push one viewing format over the other. Cable, satellite, Internet, rabbit ears. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. For some, it is cost. For others, it is programming.

During my first 20 years, we got used to three or four channels and that was it. Now, the choices are endless. And that's a good thing as long you have a supportive spouse and a portion of your paycheck dedicated to "frivolous spending." Like me.

One of those "can't miss them" extras is available this week on DirecTV. It's called the "Masters Experience" and provides bonus coverage of Amen Corner and holes 15 and 16. It will also allow you to follow featured groups. And if you want the ESPN/CBS feed that is available too. There are also interactive features, which allow you to keep track of the entire scoreboard with a push of the button. No more waiting for the crawl across the bottom of the screen.

Now that you know the scoop on Masters coverage, time to unveil more programs you shouldn't miss. Here is your weekend viewing guide:


"108 Hours: Inside the Hunt for the Boston Marathon Bombers"

7 p.m., WAND (NBC)

It's been a year since the tragedy played out during the famous race. Brian Williams anchors the coverage, which includes stories about some of the survivors. The 108 hours refers to the time between the start of the race and the capture of the second bombing suspect.



7:30 p.m., WCIA (CBS)

That stands for "Friends With Better Lives" and it is serving as the replacement for departed Monday night hit "How I Met Your Mother." By the way, what is with all the long titles on CBS shows? Makes you long for the days of "Cheers" and "Friends." Anyway, CBS reairs the pilot of FWBL. There are a couple laughs, but it doesn't have the hook or the charm of HIMYM. If you like James Van Der Beek, you should stick around for more episodes. "Dawson" is the one potential star from the show.


"Mad Men"

9 p.m., AMC

Hate to admit it, but  T.O.T.M. has never seen the Jon Hamm hit. Going to give it a try as the new season kicks off. If it's as good as I hear it is, there is always Netflix to help me catch up. Don Draper is one of the best TV names ever. Email me your other favorites to

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