How would you spend a tax refund?

How would you spend a tax refund?

You know what Tuesday is.

If you're like me, it's the day you're filing your taxes. Maybe you're getting some of your money back.

Some of you are going to take trips. Others are investing in underwear.

When we asked people what they would do with the tax refund checks, we thought we might get a lot of extravagant answers.

One person would feed the poor and restore an old nightclub. Others will leave the state, or the country.

It's a sign of our never-healing economy that many will just pay bills.

The answers: 

Patty Manero, Champaign.

"I'd pay bills."

Deborah Katz-Downie, Urbana.

"I'm telling my daughter to put it in an IRA."

Kristen Dean-Grossmann, rural Urbana.

"We'll probably use it to help pay for our kids' college. We used it in the past to pay the propane bill."

Kyle Liao, Champaign.

"Save it for an emergency."

Latrashonna Brown, Champaign.

"I'd move to Miami."

Alvina Jones, Danville.

"Save it."

Erica Brettman, Urbana.

"Pay for school."

Andrea Mireles, Urbana.

"Pay off tuition."

Eric Briggs, Fisher.

"Save it in case I need to help my kids."

Danny Woods, Champaign.

"Move out of this country to the Virgin Islands."

Christian Molina, Chicago.

"Pay off bills."

Esmeralda Delgado, Urbana.

"Save it."

Jeremy Washington, Robbins.

"Pay some bills."

Jewel Crawford, Country Club Hills.

"I'd get me a car."

William Dworschak, Atlanta.

"Go on a trip to Denver."

Melissa Carter, Champaign.

"Save it."

Michael Hernandez, Champaign.

"I'll save it."

Tabitha Sigler, Minnesota.

"I'd probably get a new TV."

David Pye, Champaign.

"Pay off school loans."

Kerry Hemphill, Sprngfield.

"Pay bills"

Eric Ward, Champaign.


Jessica Ellrick, Champaign.

"Help the poor first, then reopen (beloved campustown nightclub) Mabel's, then take a cruise. ...."

Jim Heidbreder, Champaign.

"Pay my real estate taxes."

Shelby Towner, Champaign.

"I paid some bills."

Phillip Johnson, Champaign.

"There's student loans to pay."

Seth Fein, Champaign.

"Diapers for our baby, and a professional massage for my wife."

Pam Johnsen, Champaign.

"Socks and underwear."

Howard Small, Champaign.

"Painting around the house."

Marc Sims, Champaign.

"Move out of the state so I'll get a bigger tax refund next year."

Desserae Shepston, Champaign.

"Take a trip."

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