Monticello council OKs fiber deal

Monticello council OKs fiber deal

MONTICELLO — The council became the second entity to approve purchase of the joint fiber optic network that has been installed throughout the city.

Aldermen approved an amendment to the four-entity intergovernmental agreement that sets the cost to take ownership at $306,074, with the city's share being around $76,500.

The network will provide high speed data service to the city, Piatt County, Monticello schools and the Allerton Public Library, increasing their bandwidth as Internet-based technology use increases.

The school board is expected to approve the amendment today , the library board in early May. Piatt County approved it last week.

City Superintendent Floyd Allsop said the network will eventually make it easier for the city to tie together communications.

"It's also a good thing for economic development. Now we have fiber optic to add to our reasons for people to locate here in Monticello," he said.

The next step for the city will be to find a firm to expand use of the fiber optic system past the four sponsoring entities and into the business and residential community.