Tolono near final list on road work

Tolono near final list on road work

TOLONO — The board is expected to decide at its next meeting how much money to spend on street repairs this year — and where those repairs will be made.

Two weeks ago, engineer Tim LaRocque of Foth Infrastructure and Environment presented the village board with a list of streets that could be repaired and how much those repairs would cost.

The cost to till, reshape and compact parts of Broadway, Third, Second, Washington, Elizabeth, Bourne, Meadows Lane and County Road 1000E would be $113,615.56. The total cost of hot-mix asphalt on Walnut, Whitehead, Deerpath, Marshall, Fourth and Central would be $71,153.06.

LaRocque revised the list this week to include the cost of crack sealing the intersections at Walnut and Condit, at Deerpath and Whitehead and at Walnut and Whitehead. All three would cost an estimated total of $634.70. LaRocque cautioned, though, that the estimate was based on a cost of $1.10 per foot and that the actual cost would likely be higher than that.

Trustee Ryan Perry added that there are problems with gaps in the concrete of the sidewalk at those intersections, too.

If all parts of the project were done, it would cost $372,558.33, which would include engineering.

The village currently has between $84,000 and $85,000 available in motor fuel tax funds and is expected to have about $90,000 by the end of April.

Trustee Greg Kingston suggested that the village spend $72,000, the amount the motor fuel tax typically generates in a year, on street repairs.

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