Woman cited for DUI after driving through restaurant wall

Woman cited for DUI after driving through restaurant wall

URBANA — No one was apparently injured Friday night when a woman drove her car through the wall of an Urbana fast-food restaurant.

An Urbana police report said Leslie C. Srajek, 47, of the 1000 block of Harmon Street, Urbana, ran through the north wall of the McDonald's at 1705 Philo Road, U, about 7:40 p.m. A witness said she knocked over at least one booth and another table then tried to back out.

Srajek was taken to Carle Foundation Hospital, where she was treated and released. She was issued tickets for driving under the influence of alcohol and not having a valid driver's license. She is due in court May 16.

Her car, a Honda coupe, was listed as a total loss.

Kate Garbacz of Urbana said she was in a vehicle on Philo Road headed south when she saw the northbound Honda in the middle turn lane, almost at a stop.

"The Honda was close to a stop then (the driver) gunned it and crossed into the McDonald's parking lot entrance and accelerated quickly," she said.

Thinking she was about to see an accident, Garbacz also pulled in the McDonald's lot but maintained a safe distance.

What she saw next was the Honda's passenger side bounce off the curb at the Chinese restaurant to the north of McDonald's then make an abrupt turn to the left and run through the side of the McDonald's.

"It looked like it accelerated, cut the wheel, no slowing, no attempt at stopping, just boom, straight in," she said.

"She went over that parking hump and the sidewalk and literally took out that whole wall. The car was three-quarters of the way into the dining room," said Garbacz.

"My immediate concern was for the welfare of anyone in the dining room," she said, adding she saw only employees but no one that looked like a customer in that area, which is closer to the back of the building near the restrooms.

And after crashing through the wall, Garbacz said the driver tried to back out.

Garbacz, who called 911, said a police officer told her later that no one was injured.

The building was boarded up Friday night but was open for business on Saturday.

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ROB McCOLLEY wrote on April 19, 2014 at 10:04 pm
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I drove by during the aftermath, as a tow truck extricated the Honda. I've been trying to find this story ever since.  Maybe the local news agencies no longer sit by the scanner all night?

wayward wrote on April 19, 2014 at 11:04 pm

Based on my experiences with the Philo Road McDonald's, I doubt that even driving your car through the door would get you speedy service there.

ROB McCOLLEY wrote on April 20, 2014 at 1:04 am
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But seriously, why's a good party member such as you patronizing eco-killer McDonald's?


And on a separate note, to Leslie: Call Steve Beckett on Monday morning. If you saw the sweetheart deal he got for Thomas Hart last week, you'll know that your case will be a piece of cake. (I'm assuming you didn't also beat someone up, and that you didn't steal that Honda. But if you did. no worries! That's OK too!)


Steve is also a nice person. Check it out.


mtalley wrote on April 20, 2014 at 9:04 pm

Since when can someone drive drunk, crash, and cause this damage and not be arrested?????  

LeslieM wrote on April 21, 2014 at 1:04 am

that is my thoughts exactly every other driver on the road gets arrested and taken to jail for drinking and driving why didn't she? She did thousands of dollars in damage to a place of business, could have killed someone and gets a ticket. HELLLLLLOOOOOO if the law is NO DUI or get arrested why is this crazy woman walking away with a damn ticket?


mtalley wrote on April 21, 2014 at 9:04 pm

She also had no license which means she's been stopped before for the same thing

Or something else serious.  Did they even do a breathalyzer???  It states that she admitted to drinking earlier in the day but says nothing about that being checked.  Apparently if your a white female with a good job you can drive drunk with no license crash into a building possibly killing someone and get a ticket.  Driving without a license should've been enough to take her to jail.

Roanrider wrote on April 22, 2014 at 10:04 am

Do you really think that she was issued a ticket for driving under the influence of alcohol, and not arrested? What turnip truck did you people fall off of, and when? You cannot be issued a ticket for driving under the influence of alcohol without being arrested. It is not possible. There is this wonderful thing called "Google." Use it.