Catlin-Jamaica merger message in works

Catlin-Jamaica merger message in works

JAMAICA — School officials reviewed draft versions of a Catlin-Jamaica school consolidation report and a list of 19 frequently asked questions and their answers this week.

Their next step: start taking their message to voters in the two communities.

Members of the Committee of Ten — made up of representatives of both school districts — said they hope to ask voters a ballot question about proposed school consolidation in November. If voters approve the merger, the new district would begin with the 2015-16 school year.

The November ballot would also contain the names of candidates wanting to serve on the seven-member school board that would oversee a merged district.

Committee members polished the wording of the final report this week, and suggested revisions of charts in the report.

Co-chairman Jeff Carder said the committee's duties are winding down and transitioning from preparing to promoting the plan.

"We need to get out and tell the public about the importance of this proposal," Carder said.

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