Top of the Morning, April 26, 2014

Top of the Morning, April 26, 2014

So you dreamed you won today's marathon. Doesn't matter that you're out of shape, own only work boots and think a bib is for babies.

"Congratulations! This dream is telling you that you most likely just accomplished a goal or fulfilled a desire that you didn't think you could achieve."

That's the word from Pam Blosser, director of the School of Metaphysics in Urbana. She knows all about dreams. And during this weekend's 26th annual National Dream Hotline, she'll share her expertise over the phone (along with 10 of her students).

"Everybody dreams," Blosser said. "Everybody wants to know what their dreams mean. That's where we come in."

Maybe you dreamed your teeth fell out (that actually can be a good thing). Or you can't find your classroom (that's a bad thing). Or Illinois finally won an NCAA title in men's basketball (that might be a precognitive thing). Blosser and her gang are here to help.

Just dial 217-344-2270 between now and 11:59 p.m. Sunday and spill the beans.

"We've noticed through the years, people's dreams have changed," said Blosser, at the School of Metaphysics since '77. "Since 9/11, there have been a lot more ominous dreams. Since the vampire movies came out, more dreams are about vampires."

Here's what she knows: We start dreaming like adults when we're 3. "This is because language is developing as well as the brain and conscious mind," Blosser said.

Here's what she says we should do:

"Start a dream journal and keep it next to your bed. Before you go to sleep, write the next morning's date and something like 'Thank you for the dream I'm about to have.' In the morning, reach for the journal and write your first thought. Otherwise, your dream gets changed a little bit or you forget it."

Then, at least this weekend, call the hot line for analysis. Like ... why did I dream about falling from a very tall building?

"That means you're in the process of waking up," Blosser said.

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