Villa Grove to tackle complaints about burning

Villa Grove to tackle complaints about burning

VILLA GROVE — Officials promised to develop more regulated procedures concerning the burning of yard waste at the city dumping area, after hearing complaints from residents.

Nils Oberg submitted a petition with over 130 signatures complaining about the burning practices in the city. "I will not stop until this issue is resolved," Oberg said. He complained that the smoke from the frequent burning lasts for days and produces health problems for his children and others.

"Everything you said is right on and I agree with you," said Mayor Terry Harbin, who recently toured the McCoy subdivision, which is most affected. However, he said most of the non-burning solutions were too expensive and time-consuming for the city. He also would be against closing the dumping area altogether, because it is a public service for those residents who need to clean up their properties.

Harbin said the council would work on a plan to control the amount of burning, as well as better schedule burn days. "We're going to make a concerted effort to keep that smoke out of your subdivision," Harbin said. Alderman Bob Stipp suggested a halt to the burning until residents could be notified.

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