Area history, May 4, 2014

Area history, May 4, 2014

Today is Sunday, May 4, 2014. Here are news reports from this date 100, 50 and 15 years ago:

In 1914: Urbana police arrested Frank "Dad" Button, a Civil War veteran, for the illegal sale of alcohol. The aged prisoner put up a cash bond of $200. Neighbors say that Button has been unmolested in doing a land office liquor business for the last 10 years. He started up, they say, when the city council voted Urbana dry a year before the local option law put the saloons out of business for keeps.

In 1964: Circuit Judge Charles E. Keller may be swinging a judicial gavel after he retires in December. Frederick S. Green, now an associate circuit judge and a county judge, is regarded as a virtual certainty to succeed Keller. The new judicial system provides that retired judges may sit in court as needed. Keller has indicated his willingness to do so.

In 1999: A grass-roots group of local women known as Women Against Racism say they plan to use an alternative mascot to Chief Illiniwek as if it were sanctioned by the University of Illinois. "Prairie Fire" is the "New Mascot for the New Millennium," the women say.

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