Area history, May 6, 2014

Area history, May 6, 2014

Today is Tuesday, May 6, 2014. Here are news reports from this date 100, 50 and 15 years ago:

In 1914: Soon after the Champaign City Council convened last evening the old alderman retired and the new ones took their seats. Frank Matheney of the Fourth Ward, who had served eight terms, introduced his successor, W.F. Stoltey. H.A. Glascock presented Isaac Kuhn, who succeeds him in the Fifth Ward. H.H. Miller of the Sixth Ward stepped out for the new alderman, Fred Dallenbach, and Bert Nelson introduced his successor, E.B. Swigart, for the Seventh Ward.

In 1964: The new Congress Circle campus of the University of Illinois, springing up at a rate unprecedented in the country, isn't likely to be enough to meet enrollment demands in the next few years. If its growth continues at the present rate the new "commuter" campus will accommodate 20,000 students six years from now — almost as many as the 25,000 now on the Urbana campus.

In 1999: Area legislators aren't ready yet to give the thumbs up or down to Gov. George Ryan's landmark $12 billion public works program. "The concerns people have around here are is too much funding going to Chicago and is the source of revenue fair," said state Rep. Tim Johnson, R-Urbana.

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