Opting out of lunch program would cost Blue Ridge

Opting out of lunch program would cost Blue Ridge

BELLFLOWER — A News-Gazette article about districts opting out of the federal school lunch program was discussed at a recent meeting, as board member Justin Otto asked if it was a viable option for Blue Ridge.

Superintendent Susan Wilson said the schools depend on federal funding, as about 40 percent of lunches are free or reduced.

She said it had been discussed, but it would mean a far greater loss of funds for Blue Ridge than other schools that are opting out because of the higher percentage of free or reduced lunches.

The federal standards have been becoming more stringent in recent years, and have faced much criticism from local lawmakers, educators and lunch professionals.

"We were doing a nice job giving students nutritious meals that they enjoyed," Wilson said.

Currently, the portions, colors and ratios of food served to children are dictated by the federal program.

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