Loda to prohibit garbage trucks in alleys

Loda to prohibit garbage trucks in alleys

LODA — The village board has directed its attorney to draw up an ordinance to prohibit garbage trucks from using the alley.

That means residents who are used to placing their garbage in the alley for pick-up will instead need to haul it to the front of their homes. The ordinance will spell out how much time they will have to get their containers out of their front yards.

The original proposal was to ban the trucks from the alleys just during the thawing/rainy season, February through May. But trustees acknowledged that the alleys are deteriorating so much that the trucks needed to stay out of them year-round.

Resident Paula McCadden asked the board to consider the ramifications of their action. She said because two different salvage companies serve the village, there will be two full days when trash containers are out near the streets. And she said there will be a cost involved for residents to purchase new containers since many people simply put their garbage in leaf-burning barrels that sit along the alley year-round.

In other action, resident Richard Coffey expressed his anger to the board that after spending nearly $300,000 in grant money to improve drainage in the village, flooding is worse than ever where he lives, at the far eastern end of Virginia Street. "It's never flooded like this before," he said.

The board voted to spend up to $1,000 to have the drain tile scoped with a camera. Trustees have an idea where the blockage is.

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