Tolono OKs police contract

Tolono OKs police contract

TOLONO — Union police officers will be getting a pay raise over the next three years after the board approved a contract with Teamsters Local 26.

The contract, approved this week, provides union members with a 2.53-percent pay increase starting May 1.

In addition, full-time officers received a clothing allowance of $475 for all three years of the contract, up $75 from the first two years and $25 from the third year in the previous contract. Part-time officers received a $250 clothing allowance, the same amount as in the last contract.

The clothing allowance includes the officers' uniforms and some approved equipment.

The department has one full-time officer and one part-time officer currently in the union; officers have to work at least 624 hours in a contract year to qualify.

The board also approved a 2-percent pay raise for all other village employees, also retroactive to May 1.