Top of the Morning, May 23, 2014

Top of the Morning, May 23, 2014

While Illinois played its second-round game in the Big Ten baseball tournament against Ohio State on Thursday, coverage on the BTN was nowhere to be found.

Was there breaking news from Jim Delany? Another addition to the league? A big-time firing?

No. No. And no.

Instead of showing the Illini-Buckeyes in an elimination game, the BTN felt compelled to rebroadcast the 2008 Michigan at Purdue football game. It is part of its "Big Ten's Greatest Games" series. Great if the game in question wasn't six years old. And didn't involve the Boilermakers. Does that one jump to the front of your brain as a classic? Doubtful. No Drew Brees. No Charles Woodson. Just a game in West Lafayette that could be shown at any time.

Illinois fans have been given the small hello during the Big Ten tournament. First, Wednesday's opener against Michigan State wasn't televised. Maybe the folks at BTN don't wake up that early.

Thursday's game was the only one in the second round not being shown.

Having the BTN has generally been positive for the league. But failing to broadcast live games in favor of rebroadcasts is not acceptable. When you have a tool like the BTN, you need to use it at every turn. Regardless of the inconvenience. Regardless of the cost. Fans deserve as much.

Enough whimpering about the failings of the BTN. Here's your weekend viewing guide:


"24: Live Another Day"

7 p.m., WCCU (Fox)

In case you missed it (and you shouldn't have) this is a repeat of Monday's episode. Spoiler alert for the squeamish: There is a finger chopping toward the end of the episode. The show doesn't leave much to the imagination, so you might want to turn away. A big surprise: Jack Bauer almost gets killed, but survives. There are only nine episodes left, and T.O.T.M. isn't going to miss any of them. Thank goodness for the DVR.


"Rocky IV"

6:30 p.m., CMT

It is "Rocky" day on the network. T.O.T.M. is a strong advocate for the Oscar winning original, but it is hard to find a better villain than Ivan Drago. By the end of the movie, you want to reach through the screen and pound the Russian yourself. Another spoiler alert: Rocky wins the fight. Of course, you knew that already. Sad to see Carl Weathers taken out of the film so soon.


Yankees at White Sox

1 p.m., Comcast SportsNet

One of the greatest players in history, Derek Jeter, is winding down his Hall of Fame career. You should watch him every chance you get. He won't go 1 for 7 in every game. And his average should climb a bit from its current .267.

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