The Big 10 with Jeff D'Alessio, May 25, 2014

The Big 10 with Jeff D'Alessio, May 25, 2014

Before cleaning out their lockers, senior class presidents got one final assignment: Give us the top three items in your bucket lists of the next 10 years.



1. Have every member of Arcola High School’s Class of 2014 attend our 10-year class reunion.

2. Travel to different countries to educate people about Community Health.

3. Save someone’s life using CPR.



1. Become a doctor and start up a hospital in an area that’s lacking medical services. Africa could be an awesome place to make that happen.

2. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and see the Down Under. Literally. Like, down under the sea.

3. Get on Ellen’s show. And not just Ellenois, either — I’m talking about the real deal in California.


Villa Grove

1. Step out on to the field at Memorial Stadium — as a player.

2. Climb Mount Everest — and come back down.

3. Help someone else make their own dream a reality.


Georgetown-Ridge Farm

1. Graduate from Arizona State University, playing softball while getting my degree in business management. 

2. Own my own business, called B&M Sports. Our slogan: “Suiting everyone is the only option.” I’ll be selling all athletic wear and equipment, but cheaper so everyone can afford it. 

3. Go to an Usher concert and crowd surf until I get dropped.



1. Graduate college with a degree in business.

2. Marry prince charming, who treats me like a princess, and start a family.

3. Buy out a concert, so when the performer comes out it’s me, myself and I.



1. Get into a very reputable grad school for astrophysics. It’s been a dream to spend my life studying the universe. 

2. Become involved in an organization that promotes scientific and mathematical literacy. 

3. If science doesn’t work out? Become a bassist in a professional music ensemble. Rock on.



1. Attend all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums. With teams getting new stadiums so often now, I might have to accomplish that feat in the next 10 years — and then again later in life, too.

2. Make a lemonade stand with some friends as if we were 7 years old again. 

3. Graduate college and get a job soon after.



1. Run with the bulls. My soccer coach claims that I’m a slow runner, so it would definitely be an experience.   

2. Patent something. My friends and I brainstorm almost every day at lunch to think up the next big thing. Whether it’s a cure for leukemia or massaging socks, we’re unsure. 

3. Create a foundation that gives scholarships to students so they can afford to attend the school of their choice. Throughout the college application process, it was apparent how much of a factor money is in deciding one’s future. If someone is qualified to attend a school, the Saul Downie Scholarship would allow them to. 



1. Graduate with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, then pursue a career in that field.

2. Visit Alaska in the winter because, for those who know me, I am obsessed with snow. 

3. Visit England and see and learn everything about the Royal Family because they’re awesome.



1. Travel all around the world to experience new cultures and broaden my mind.

2. Attend each of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments. 

3. Fly first class. I would like to experience the luxuriousness on any airline, but specifically Singapore Airlines.


Take two: In this space next Sunday: Part 2 of our high school seniors series, featuring 2014 graduates of St. Joseph-Ogden, Tuscola, Atwood-Hammond and seven other area schools.


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