Cellphone use leads to drug arrest

Cellphone use leads to drug arrest

URBANA — A Champaign woman who allegedly had cocaine in a car near the University of Illinois campus has been charged with a Class 1 felony.

UI detective Sgt. Joe McCullough said the targeted response unit was on patrol on First Street near Green on Friday evening when they saw a woman, later identified as Cynthia Staples, 43, of the 1400 block of Winding Lane, talking on a cellphone while driving.

Police stopped the car and had a drug-sniffing dog walk around it. As the dog was finishing up, McCullough said, an officer noticed Staples fiddling with a can of soda.

The officer asked her to get out and noted that she was very nervous. Police found a plastic bag floating in the soda can. They suspected it was a controlled substance. They also found that Staples had $830 cash on her.

She told police that she had bought cocaine and was intending to sell it.

McCullough said the liquid in the can was field tested at the police department and found to test positive for cocaine. Police initially arrested her for possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and obstructing justice.

On Tuesday, she was charged with a Class 1 felony charge of possession of between 100 and 400 grams of cocaine and a second, less serious, felony charge of possession of a controlled substance.

Staples is due back in court June 11 with her own attorney.

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