The Big 10 with Jeff D'Alessio, June 1, 2014

The Big 10 with Jeff D'Alessio, June 1, 2014

After turning their tassels and hanging up their gowns, these college-bound senior class presidents gave us the top three items in their bucket lists for the next 10 years. (Here are last week's answers.)



1. Earn a master's degree in English literature or creative writing.

2. Get on The New York Times Best Sellers List and win a Pulitzer Prize for fiction. This may be a stretch to accomplish in 10 years but I've always wanted to be a professional writer and there's no point in aiming low.

3. I love my corner of the world, but there is so much to see on this planet and I want to see it all.



1. Visit the four corners of the United States and be in four states at once.

2. Do something absolutely crazy — like go skydiving or do that insane bungee swing at Six Flags.

3. Learn how to drive a stick shift or motorcycle.



1. Be chosen as one of the architects on the design team for an Olympic stadium complex.

2. Go rock climbing and BASE jumping in New Zealand.

3. Backpack across Europe for a couple months with nothing more than a bookbag, a wallet and my closest friends.



1. When I graduate with my graphic design major, I want to work in a bigger city. And if not that, open my own business, like my parents.

2. Visit and learn about all the monkeys in the world, and eventually hold at least four monkeys.

3. Travel to every state and try different foods in each one, like "Man v. Food."


St. Joseph-Ogden

1. Because of the awesome experiences I've had at Forever 21, I really want to manage a retailing business — and eventually even manage a business of my own.

2. Experience Europe. As a military child, you'd think I'd be tired of traveling.

3. Work on a wildlife refuge.


Blue Ridge

1. I've already accomplished one of my three: I planned to audition for the Marching Illini this year and got a letter saying I was accepted.

2. Learn more about cinema/movie directing. It has always been one of my greatest dreams to be a famous director.

3. Travel overseas. I've never been out of the U.S.


St. Thomas More

1. Become fluent in another language. I took Latin in high school and I think that will help me learn a language that's still spoken, especially one I can utilize while studying abroad in college.

2. I get really excited about books. I'd like to write one some day — even if I was the only person to read it.

3. Train for — and finish — a marathon.


Cissna Park

1. Graduate from the University of Illinois with a master's in agribusiness and minors in agri-finance and farm real estate.

2. Become the leader of the Orange Krush.

3. Make six digits a year, get married, start a family, become a Little League baseball coach and buy a very nice Corvette.


Urbana Uni High

1. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

2. Attend the 2018 World Cup in Russia and watch Team USA advance to their best finish in history.

3. Go to outer space.


Prairie Central

1. Visit the Holy Land. No matter how much turmoil may come to the Middle East, the historical sites in the Fertile Crescent would be fascinating to see in person.

2. Graduate college — debt-free.

3. Learn a language that many people speak, but not on this side of the world, like Russian or Mandarin.


Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley

1. Graduate from the University of Louisville with a nursing degree.

2. Get a job as a nurse at a children's hospital.

3. End up being as muscular as my teacher, Mr. (Kyle) Bielfeldt.



1. Spend an entire day with friends at the mall and go people-watching. For some reason, sitting in the mall for no other business besides watching people do their thing sounds fun.

2. Travel to Norway, the place of my ancestors, to spend some nights under the stars and watch the northern lights.

3. Memorize how to play Fur Elise on the piano really well to make people think I'm musically talented. Of course, I would tell them I'm not after having some fun with it.


Judah Christian

1. Travel to 20 different countries.

2. Become fluent in three new languages.

3. Sing with Michael Buble.



1. Complete both undergraduate school and medical school and begin working on my residence.

2. Get married and start my own family.

3. Do exotic things, like skydiving and learning how to surf, and just always keep adventure in my life.


Armstrong Township

1. Attend Eastern Illinois University and graduate with my bachelor's in elementary education.

2. Go on vacation to Hawaii.

3. After getting a teaching job, get married and start a family.



1. I hope to get at least an average of three of sleep per night after completing my nightly studying as I work through medical school.

2. I have a fascination with the Spanish culture and language, and I would like to minor in Spanish at the University of Illinois, so within the next ten years I would like to study abroad in Spain or simply visit the country.

3. One night in college I would like to get together a study group, go to one of those wild college parties like you see in movies, and study. I think it would be incredibly fun to see how other people would react, and that would be the only way that I would experience a wild college party.



1. Graduate from Illinois State University and become an elementary teacher and basketball/softball coach.

2. Start traveling the country and eventually accomplish my goal of traveling to every state.

3. Go to a taping of "Ellen" and either be selected as a contestant to play a game or go during the 12 Days of Giveaways.

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