Tolono plans for water detention for new fire station

Tolono plans for water detention for new fire station

TOLONO — The village is making drainage plans for the new Tolono fire station.

Larry Johnson of Champaign-based Foth Infrastructure and Environment said significant runoff of stormwater can be expected because a large building is being constructed on an undeveloped lot. The village's zoning ordinance requires that a detention basin be constructed, he added.

Johnson said the easternmost part of the property at the corner of North Bourne and East Reynolds streets has been identified as the best place for the detention basin.

One possibility would be to run a pipe down an alley to a location where a new storm sewer was installed last year.

Alternatively, a pipe could be run east down Reynolds to get to Calhoun Street, where there is a 22-inch storm sewer that serves the eastern side of town. That sewer dates back to 1928, however.

Village Attorney Marc Miller said if the village doesn't have an easement for the alley, one would have to be acquired to use that route.

Fire Protection District Trustee Denny Davis asked if the fire department could get permission to connect to the 22-inch sewer while a decision is being made about the detention basin. The village board granted that request.

Village Trustee Greg Kingston questioned why a detention basin is necessary since there was none of the property when the Tolono Primary School stood there formerly.

Village President Jeff Holt said the lack of a detention basin had sometimes caused flooding problems for neighbors in the past.

Johnson said the amount of flooding that people will accept has changed over the years, too.

"People were just more tolerant," he said.


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