Top of the Morning, June 10, 2014

Top of the Morning, June 10, 2014

Every match at the World Cup in Brazil will be carried live by ESPN, ESPN2 or ABC. Which might be a problem if, say, you're trying to work.

"There should be some thoughtfully scheduled vacation," Seamus Reilly said, providing a solution. "I will be recording all the games and watching after work."

With coaching experience at the college, high school and club level, Reilly is our go-to source for everything World Cup. Here's this year's guide from the vice president for institutional advancement at Parkland College.

What happens if Brazil doesn't win it all?

Very unhappy nation. Love their football and will be anxious for a Brazil victory to take their minds off the fact that they have not won the trophy since 2002.

So who's going to win it?

Brazil will be favorites for sure. Belgium is everyone's dark horse. Watch out for Argentina, Uruguay and Germany.

Will our country riot if the U.S. wins?

It's not hockey! Probably not, but there is a lot more interest and coverage in the media and the U.S. fans are great.

Is soccer better than it was 20 years ago?

It's faster and the players are stronger and more technical. We see more and more spectacular goals and less of the bone-crunching tackles I grew up with.

I hear the refs are under a bit of pressure.

The New York Times article on the bribes did not help. FIFA itself is also under pressure because of rumors regarding Qatar in 2022. The refs are always under pressure but now all of them are professional and highly competent. Until they screw up of course!

Best place to watch a match is at ...

Watching the U.S. games with a crowd is fun. I imagine a lot of people will be working on mobile devices. Last World Cup we watched a lot of games on campus.

What's on the game-day menu?

Cold beverage. Too hard to eat and watch footy since there are no commercial breaks.

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