Residents asked: Would you sell?

Residents asked: Would you sell?

Would you be willing to sell if the school district wanted to buy your property?

"I got an appraisal for $86,000. And I'm not going to take a penny less. I don't care. I'll be the only one here in the middle of the school if they don't give me a fair price."

Daniel Hardy, Sherwood Terrace

"Where am I going to go? My house is paid for. I can't afford to move. I already know that."

Cathy Beasley, Harvard Street

"We've been here over 60 years. We built this house. I can't move. I've got no place to go."

Vickie Ragle, Harvard Street

"After you live somewhere for awhile and get settled in, you don't want to move."

William Garner, Harvard Street

"I would sell my house. I've been thinking about going back to Chicago. That's where I'm from."

Rita Riley, Harvard Street

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